Zero 0.7.1 and Zero 0.6.6 available

A quick update with fixes for a bunch of issues:

– Fixed issues in load and save binary dialog boxes (serbalgi)
– Fixed issues with going fullscreen in GDI (serbalgi) (0.7.1)
– Fixed crash issue on .Net 4 and above (zxmak)
– Fixed crash when loading invalid SNA snapshot (karingal)
– Fixed apparent hang when trying to close emulator in fullscreen – directX only (hikoki) (0.7.1)
– Fixed ULA Snapshot (SZX) not loading correctly (serbalgi)

Zero 0.7 Vanilla and Zero 0.6.5 now available!


After months of grueling work, I’m proud to announce the Vanilla version of Zero, which is a regular Windows version of the emulator. I’ve tried to make it as good as I possibly could and hope some of you who wanted this version will enjoy it.



For those who still like the old look, there’s no need to fret because a new version 0.6.5 is also available! Both the versions can be downloaded from the Download page.

The combined change list is as follows:

+ Plain vanilla windows (v0.7)!
+ Implemented correct cold boot and reset emulation.
+ Updated SZX implementation to match SZX 1.4 specifications.
+ Almost all the aspects of the emulator can now be configured via the command line (see README)
+ Added option to enable Vsynch for DirectX renderer.
+ Added shortcut keys for all major emulator functions (v0.7)
+ Added indicators to main window (v0.7)
+ Added FPS and emulator state readout to status menu (v0.7)
+ Added Most Recently Used (MRU/recent files) capability to main menu (v0.7)
+ Made the Monitor window completely resizable (polomint) (v0.7)
+ Made the Memory viewer resizable vertically (polomint) (v0.7)
+ Added shortcut keys for debugging in the Monitor (polomint) (v0.7)
+ Allow the main emulation window to be resized arbitratrily (v0.7).
+ Added Flash Load for standard tape blocks.
* The emulator is not paused when switching to full screen mode anymore.
* Exit full screen if user needs to be shown a dialog box or tool window (v0.7).
* Reworked pentagon renderer to show aesthetically correct screen dimensions (0.7).
* The last used joystick(s) are now remembered when the emulator starts up.
* On selecting a file from Recent Files list, it’s moved to the top of the recent file stack (v0.7).
* The tape browser and other tool windows are non-modal. They will also pop to front if their icons are clicked again (Stefan).
– Fixed an issue with IN when AY emulation is enabled on a 48k speccy.
– Fixed an issue with the envelope in AY emulation (FrankT).
– Fixed a contention timing issue with IN.
– Fixed Options page not correctly reflecting the sound settings for AY and Stereo sound modes.
– Fixed the Machine State window not showing correct info when first invoked from Monitor.
– Fixed issues with button and image placement if Windows text size is increased.
– Fixed incorrect machine id being saved in SZX Header when 128KE is used.
– Fixed AY not being enabled in 128K and above machines (doh!).
– Fixed machine timing not being read or saved correctly when using a SZX snapshot.
– Fixed Wrong Key2Joy joystick type being used during emulation.
– Fixed renderer not being re-initialized correctly (say when VSync is enabled/disabled).
– Fixed an issue with tape auto-stop causing edge loader to fail.
– Fixed crash if monitor is launched or machine is reset during the Overscan demo (Stefan).
– Fixed a bug in DDCB and FDCB versions of RES opcode.
– Fixed full screen toggle issue. Also uses correct desktop resolution instead of hard coded width and height (v0.7).
– Fixed edge load interfering with fast load when trying to load standard blocks.
– Fixed sound being disabled after loading from tape (Russ Hoy).
– Fixed Fast Loading, which was broken (didn’t load some tapes).
– Fixed Pixel Smoothing option not reflecting currently in the Options window (Russ Hoy).
– Fixed resetting to wrong machine after RZX playback (Russ Hoy).
– Fixed a problem with Infoseek download not auto-loading selected tape. Plus some cross-thread exception. (Russ Hoy)
– Fixed the issue with window not resizing correctly when switching between Pentagon and some other machine (v0.7).
– Fixed relative jump addresses not wrapping correctly if calculated address is > 65535, in the Debugger.
– Fixed tool tip for system variables not showing hex number if user has selected hex view in Debugger.
– Fixed an issue with the +3 not resetting properly (serbalgi).
– Fixed crash on mouse focus being lost due to ALT + TAB (karingal).
– Fixed window size incrementing by 100% instead of 50% as intended (Daren)