Zero 0.7.1 and Zero 0.6.6 available

A quick update with fixes for a bunch of issues:

– Fixed issues in load and save binary dialog boxes (serbalgi)
– Fixed issues with going fullscreen in GDI (serbalgi) (0.7.1)
– Fixed crash issue on .Net 4 and above (zxmak)
– Fixed crash when loading invalid SNA snapshot (karingal)
– Fixed apparent hang when trying to close emulator in fullscreen – directX only (hikoki) (0.7.1)
– Fixed ULA Snapshot (SZX) not loading correctly (serbalgi)

13 thoughts to “Zero 0.7.1 and Zero 0.6.6 available”

  1. Tried zero, very well done, just a few problems…

    Emulating kempstone do not work, it always goes up right… emulating cursor up and down arrow are inverted…

    Also it would be nice to reduce or eliminate border in full screen to use more screen…

    1. Currently, no. But you could enable Key2Joy in Options>Input Devices. Then you can use your keyboard’s arrow keys and ALT to simulate the cursor or some of the other joysticks. HTH!

  2. In this version of Zero, the loading seems a little broken. Even with edge loading and fast loading switched off, games seem to load almost instantly. This of course doesn’t cause any problems when actually playing games, but I often use Zero to take screen captures of loading screens, which I don’t have time to do with the instant loading.

    1. For info, the same thing is observed using both 0.7.1 and 0.6.6. Dropping back to 0.6 solves the problem. (0.6.5 and 0.7 don’t seem to be on the download page, so I can’t test them)

      1. Hi Steve,

        The issue has been fixed and the code is up on github. I’m yet to make a release build though as edge loading is still broken for some games.


        1. is there a way that you can fix the key2joy option. every time I use it, nothing works. my arrowe keys won’t allow movement and I don’t know how to fire to start a game (ie: afterburner)

    1. I will have to throw away the current zip library and integrate a new one. I can look into this if I hear similar reports from other people.

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